About Australian Exports & Manufacturers
Australian Exporters is the definitive guide to exporting Australian companies and the products and services that they sell. Australian Exporters has been published since 1964.Now combining with Australian Manufacturers makes the database even more valuable.
Australian Exports & Manufacturers Database
Australian Exports & Manufacturers maintains a database which includes:
  • 47,685 companies
  • 56,041 executive names
The Australian Exports & Manufacturers database is used daily by:
  • Sales & Marketing Departments
  • Government (Embassies and Trade Bureaus)
  • Research Departments
  • Purchasing Departments
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Executive search and recruitment professionals
  • Corporate Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisition Consultants
  • Export Consultants
  • Libraries

Information on Australian companies is available for purchase on-line, on CD, or in hard copy. Please go to search database to input your list requirements and get a count of applicable opportunity companies from our database. We will even provide you with 3 sample companies from your search at no charge!

The Australian Exports & Manufacturers database makes you money by finding new customers and saves you money by finding new suppliers.

Australian Exports & Manufacturers Advertising

Australian Exports & Manufacturers can provide you with a unique opportunity to market your business in both Australia and overseas markets.

User Demographics
  • 40% Research / Technical / Purchasing
  • 29% Sales / marketing / Export
  • 17% General Management / Human Resources
  • 14% Administration / Finance

Approximately 40% of Australian Exports & Manufacturers users fall into the research / technical / purchasing categories. These users, located throughout in the world, are looking for new suppliers of goods and services.

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